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Celebrating Life and Health – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

Any family portrait session is a special time of celebrating togetherness and love. Sometimes, though it’s a little more special…

This wonderful family lived the nightmare we all dread when one of their own suffered horrific injuries in a motorbike accident. Lots of love and support, coupled with hard work and sheer determination (and a great medical team) saw them all home together in time for Christmas.

All being together again, healthy and happy, certainly warranted a photo shoot – including the dogs, who are definitely part of the family.

newcastle portrait photographer family 2.jpgnewcastle portrait photographer family 1.jpgnewcastle portrait photographer family 3.jpgnewcastle portrait photographer family 4.jpgNewcastle pet photographer dog.jpg

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A Very Special Grandfather – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

What a great honour it was to photograph the patriarch of the Hanna family. The main constant throughout their young lives, he means the world to his three granddaughters and their deep love and respect for him is palpable.

It was a blindingly bright and very hot morning but it’s not every day you can have four generations of one family all together in one place.

As our family members age it becomes even more important to capture lasting memories of our time with them… especially when they start to forget.

Newcastle portrait photographer family 1.jpgNewcastle portrait photographer family 4.jpgNewcastle portrait photographer family 2.jpgNewcastle portrait photographer family 3.jpg

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Cousins all grown up – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

It was so lovely to catch up with my younger cousins, who I haven’t seen much of since they were toddlers. That’s what happens when you live at opposite ends of the country.

Now they are all adults with partners, it was time for some grown-up photos 😉 In the midst of a 21st, they were quick shots and the two sisters missed out but getting the three handsome brothers was special.


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