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The Collibee Family – Family Portrait Photographer in Newcastle, NSW

Shortly after I posted a selection of photos to my Facebook page from this family’s session, I was speaking to somebody who told me how much love she could see in those photos. She noted the family appeared to really enjoy each other’s company.

That was how it felt on the day.

Coming together to celebrate their mother and matriarch, they warmly welcomed me into their home on a beautiful lakeside property (what a fantastic spot) where I was privileged to capture them all simply appreciating being together.

Lots of special ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to Di xx


0821 Collibee Family collage.jpg0821 Collibee Family-111.jpg0821 Collibee Family-125.jpg0821 Collibee Family-126.jpg0821 Collibee Family-132.jpg0821 Collibee Family-40 comp.jpg0821 Collibee Family-71.jpg0821 Collibee Family-76.jpg0821 Collibee Family-9.jpg0821 Collibee Family-99.jpg0821 Potter Family-10.jpg

If you’d like any information on a session for your own family, or to capture an occasion, please contact me for a chat.

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The McNamara Family – Family Portrait Photographer in Newcastle NSW

When I was growing up, we were always surrounded by family. Not only my own grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, but also Mum’s cousins and all their kids. Most of my fondest memories of my childhood somehow involve my cousins and I know how special it was to grow up with them all around me.

This lovely family is headlined by two beautiful, generous parents who have been lucky enough to raise four daughters who are all bringing up their own families still in the same city. They understand each other, they finish each others’ sentences and they work together with ease. The younger generation have a natural closeness that is evidence of their love for each other and the way the older kids watch out for the little ones was a joy to witness.

I thank them for allowing me to disturb the equilibrium for a short time while we captured these special memories.

Newcastle family portrait photographer 11Newcastle family portrait photographer 2Newcastle family portrait photographer 3Newcastle family portrait photographer 4Newcastle family portrait photographer 5Newcastle family portrait photographer 6Newcastle family portrait photographer 7Newcastle family portrait photographer 8Newcastle family portrait photographer 9Newcastle family portrait photographer 10Newcastle family portrait photographer 1
If you’d like any information on a session for your own family, or to capture an occasion, please contact me for a chat.


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Living an Active Family Life – Newcastle Family Portrait Photographer

This family were superstars!

An active family, showing them in their true light meant lots of moving around. We walked along the shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie, dodged oyster shells and crawled over boats. They had a blast finding out who could jump the highest (the jury is still out on that decision 😉 ), climbing trees and creating a family pyramid. But of course there was also plenty of time for some lovely, gentle photos showing how much love is shared between them.

This is what a lifestyle portrait session is all about; the family having fun and being their true selves. After all, what you want to see looking back at you from your walls are images that will tell a story and evoke special memories and emotions.

Please enjoy a short video created for this beautiful family:

Newcastle family portrait photographer 1.jpgNewcastle family portrait photographer 2.jpgNewcastle family portrait photographer 3.jpgNewcastle family portrait photographer 4.jpgNewcastle family portrait photographer 5.jpg

If you’d like any information on a session for your own family, please contact me for a chat.



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The Family that Plays Together… – Newcastle Family Portrait Photographer

What a delightful family! Little Miss A recently celebrated her first birthday and needing a one-year-old shot for the family portrait wall, the family decided they would all get in on the act.

They were willing to try anything and the kids loved being able to run and jump on their mum and dad 😉

The kids were so friendly and happy, I found it difficult to tear myself away. A beautiful family with lots of love… it was a pleasure 🙂

Collage.jpg0120 Menzies Family-10 comp.jpg0120 Menzies Family-234.jpg0120 Menzies Family-232.jpg0120 Menzies Family-219.jpg0120 Menzies Family-112.jpg0120 Menzies Family-68.jpg0120 Menzies Family-50.jpg0120 Menzies Family-80.jpgCollage Annabelle One year.jpg


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Happy First Birthday, Nate! – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

Gorgeous little Nate is one of the most chilled-out babies I have ever met. What a delight!

He enjoyed every minute of his party, from being passed around all his adoring relatives and friends, to finding great adventure with the garden hose. But I think his first taste of chocolate cake was a definite highlight 🙂

Newcastle Portrait Photographer 5.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer 6.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer 7.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer Children.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer 8.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer 9.jpg

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Counting Down the Days – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

Tegan and James are to be married in November this year and their excitement is obvious. So is their love for each other.

It is indeed a privilege to be asked to photograph engagement sessions, because it usually means the couple allows me to have a special glimpse inside their relationship.

Thanks for the honour, Tegan and James and I wish you a spectacular wedding day and a life together filled with love and joy.

Newcastle Portrait Photographer Couples 1.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer Couples 2.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer Couples 3.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer Couples 4.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer Couples 5.jpg

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Mature love – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

As a photographer, I am most often taking photos of gorgeous babies and young children, or blissful young couples dreaming of their futures.

But what about our parents? They also deserve to be celebrated, with their years of caring and experience. There are so many stories to be told in their faces alone.

Besides… older couples displaying their love provides hope for the rest of us!

A portrait sitting could be a great anniversary gift for your loved elders.

Newcastle famiiy portrait photographer 1.jpgNewcastle famiiy portrait photographer 2.jpgNewcastle famiiy portrait photographer 3.jpgNewcastle famiiy portrait photographer 4.jpgNewcastle famiiy portrait photographer 5.jpgNewcastle famiiy portrait photographer 6.jpg

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A Very Special Grandfather – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

What a great honour it was to photograph the patriarch of the Hanna family. The main constant throughout their young lives, he means the world to his three granddaughters and their deep love and respect for him is palpable.

It was a blindingly bright and very hot morning but it’s not every day you can have four generations of one family all together in one place.

As our family members age it becomes even more important to capture lasting memories of our time with them… especially when they start to forget.

Newcastle portrait photographer family 1.jpgNewcastle portrait photographer family 4.jpgNewcastle portrait photographer family 2.jpgNewcastle portrait photographer family 3.jpg

Cousins all grown up – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

It was so lovely to catch up with my younger cousins, who I haven’t seen much of since they were toddlers. That’s what happens when you live at opposite ends of the country.

Now they are all adults with partners, it was time for some grown-up photos 😉 In the midst of a 21st, they were quick shots and the two sisters missed out but getting the three handsome brothers was special.


Teen Siblings – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

What a day we had! The weather had us guessing all day and turned on all its negativity for us. Wind, rain, heavy black clouds… I felt as though I spent half my day looking up at the sky.

But as luck would have it, both the wind and the rain stopped just as our shoot was scheduled to start. The sky was still dark and dull, but the sun finally poked its lovely face through for about ten minutes… before the rain started again.

We may have only had 30 minutes, but that is all you need when your models are as accommodating and obliging as these two lovely teenagers. The brief from their mum was for portraits that leaned more towards formal than fun and also for photographs that would look great in black and white.

With their laughter bubbling beneath the surface, I think we nailed it.