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The Collibee Family – Family Portrait Photographer in Newcastle, NSW

Shortly after I posted a selection of photos to my Facebook page from this family’s session, I was speaking to somebody who told me how much love she could see in those photos. She noted the family appeared to really enjoy each other’s company.

That was how it felt on the day.

Coming together to celebrate their mother and matriarch, they warmly welcomed me into their home on a beautiful lakeside property (what a fantastic spot) where I was privileged to capture them all simply appreciating being together.

Lots of special ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to Di xx


0821 Collibee Family collage.jpg0821 Collibee Family-111.jpg0821 Collibee Family-125.jpg0821 Collibee Family-126.jpg0821 Collibee Family-132.jpg0821 Collibee Family-40 comp.jpg0821 Collibee Family-71.jpg0821 Collibee Family-76.jpg0821 Collibee Family-9.jpg0821 Collibee Family-99.jpg0821 Potter Family-10.jpg

If you’d like any information on a session for your own family, or to capture an occasion, please contact me for a chat.

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The McNamara Family – Family Portrait Photographer in Newcastle NSW

When I was growing up, we were always surrounded by family. Not only my own grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, but also Mum’s cousins and all their kids. Most of my fondest memories of my childhood somehow involve my cousins and I know how special it was to grow up with them all around me.

This lovely family is headlined by two beautiful, generous parents who have been lucky enough to raise four daughters who are all bringing up their own families still in the same city. They understand each other, they finish each others’ sentences and they work together with ease. The younger generation have a natural closeness that is evidence of their love for each other and the way the older kids watch out for the little ones was a joy to witness.

I thank them for allowing me to disturb the equilibrium for a short time while we captured these special memories.

Newcastle family portrait photographer 11Newcastle family portrait photographer 2Newcastle family portrait photographer 3Newcastle family portrait photographer 4Newcastle family portrait photographer 5Newcastle family portrait photographer 6Newcastle family portrait photographer 7Newcastle family portrait photographer 8Newcastle family portrait photographer 9Newcastle family portrait photographer 10Newcastle family portrait photographer 1
If you’d like any information on a session for your own family, or to capture an occasion, please contact me for a chat.


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Stretch That Body! – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

Tara from All Better Bodies is passionate about stretch and how it can increase your balance, flexibity, core and strength.

I spent the day with her, videoing stretch routines and photographing some moves for her to use in her printed material.

She runs a couple of classes in the Lake Macquarie area, so if you’re interested, check out her website, All Better Bodies for information or to make a booking.

Newcastle Portrait Photographer 1.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer 2.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer 3.jpgNewcastle Portrait Photographer 4.jpg

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Celebrating Life and Health – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

Any family portrait session is a special time of celebrating togetherness and love. Sometimes, though it’s a little more special…

This wonderful family lived the nightmare we all dread when one of their own suffered horrific injuries in a motorbike accident. Lots of love and support, coupled with hard work and sheer determination (and a great medical team) saw them all home together in time for Christmas.

All being together again, healthy and happy, certainly warranted a photo shoot – including the dogs, who are definitely part of the family.

newcastle portrait photographer family 2.jpgnewcastle portrait photographer family 1.jpgnewcastle portrait photographer family 3.jpgnewcastle portrait photographer family 4.jpgNewcastle pet photographer dog.jpg

Rehearsal time!

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of returning to my long-lost theatre roots and have been photographing rehearsals for Theatre on Brunker’s production of “Footrot Flats – The Musical”.

The talented cast is enthusiastic and the show is a lot of fun, with some great songs.


Stretch it! Newcastle Environmental Portraits

It’s not all about the family portraits… it’s also really interesting – and fun – to capture people in their working environment.

Tara from was a stall holder at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Toronto NSW this weekend and was presenting “stretch program demonstrations” on the main stage.

I was privileged to be asked to capture her sharing what she loves with the (very receptive) audience. She performed some beautifully relaxing routines, as well as more energising stretch programs.

It is inspiring to watch a professional passionate about their vocation and sharing it with others.

Check out her website and give her a call. She can develop a tailored program, just for you!


c38-newcastle_portrait_photographer_workplace _1.jpgc71-newcastle_portrait_photographer_workplace _4.jpgc85-newcastle_portrait_photographer_workplace _3.jpgc10-newcastle_portrait_photographer_workplace _5.jpgc6-newcastle_portrait_photographer_workplace _2.jpgc26-newcastle_portrait_photographer_workplace _6.jpg

Welcome to Merri Bell Photography – Newcastle Portrait Photographer

Welcome to the world of Merri Bell Photography.

I am a portrait photographer based in Newcastle, New South Wales, specialising in natural light children and family photographs, as well as pets.

This blog will keep you up-to-date with my current shoots and projects, but more importantly it is the place where my clients can view their eagerly-awaited sneak peeks.