About your portrait session

Your family portrait session will have a mixture of beautiful posed and natural fun shots, so the true essence of your family can be captured. For many families today, life can be a blur of busyness. We all change so quickly, yet a photograph telling the story of where you are now will be treasured and invoke memories and emotions for many years to come.

The session will be tailored for your family with my approach being to keep it simple, relaxed and of course fun.

Each session can take at least an hour, at the outdoor location of your choice, or a location nearby can be suggested for you.

Portraits are captured in natural light. The best times of the day for beautiful portraits are early morning and late afternoon – known as “the golden hours” – when the sun is low, golden and casting an attractive glow. Midday sun is harsh and unflattering and should be avoided where possible.

Your portraits

Within 36 hours you can see a blog post with some of the highlights from your shoot and in just 2 weeks, your photographs are ready to view and order.

(Please click on any of the images below to open the gallery).

c14-Newcastle portrait photographer couples 6.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_child_diptych_1.jpgc94-Newcastle portrait photographer children.jpgc32-Newcastle portrait photographer couples 3.jpgc48-Newcastle portrait photographer couples 5.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_head_shot_1.jpgc44-Newcastle portrait photographer families 1.jpgc75-Newcastle portrait photographer couples 4.jpgc23-Newcastle portrait photographer siblings.jpgNewcastle portrait photographer couples 7.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_teen_girl_pose_1.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_child_pose_4.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_teen_siblings_pose.jpgc99-Newcastle portrait photographer headshot 2.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_father_child_pose_1.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_child_diptych_2.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_teenage_sibling_pose_3.jpgnewcastle_portrait_photographer_child_pose_2.jpg


“Merri is so good at capturing the moment!  I love that she has taken photos of my children at unexpected times and really captured their personality on film. I didn’t want stiff ‘posed’ photos and Merri took the time to photograph them just being themselves. I asked for a mix of formal and informal shots and they are just perfect!  Having the photos taken in a natural setting really made them special.” – Megan M